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Sam. 27. Chicago.
leben. lachen. liebe.

Movie fanatic. Foodie. Karaoke belter. Wine-O. Concert lover. Health & Fitness. Personal style. Photography. Blonde men. Green.

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how is august over?




how is august over?

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Name: Samantha but everyone calls me Sam.
Birthday: January 13.

Favorite color: Every shade of green.
Lucky number: 19.
Height: 5’8”
Talents:  Back in the day I was a very good gymnast and played the piano.  Now…I just karaoke. 

Last dream you remember:  It involved a room full of bubbles and Zac Efron. That’s all I can remember.
Can you juggle: Negative.  I’ve never tried.
Art/sports/both: I love the arts but I enjoy playing sports. So…both.
Do you like dancing: Love to white girl dance.
Do you like singing: I used to be deeply involved in theater. Yes, I love singing.  I might not be serious about it, but I love it.


Dream vacation: I would say somewhere tropical but I just recently went to Dominican Republic on a dream vacation in 2013.  Now, I want to go on a back packing trip through Europe.  Hopefully this comes true within the next year.

Dream guy/gal: Someone who is driven, smart, funny, and trustworthy. 
Dream wedding: Weddings, shmeddings. I haven’t really thought about it.
Dream pet: A big, lovable, adventure seeking dog.
Dream job: Honestly…an entertainer. Preferably comedy.
Favorite song: She’s a Rainbow by The Rolling Stones
Least favorite song: Right now…Shake It Off by Tay Swift.
Least favorite album: I have several..but I remember being deeply depressed about the last Good Charlotte CD when I was in high school. 

Least favorite artist: I don’t understand the Taylor Swift hype…oh and One Direction…and Katy Perry…I can go on and on.


Guys/girls/both: Guys
Hair colour: I’m a sucker for a blond man.
Eye colour: Any and all.
Humorous/serious: Both…
Taller/shorter:Tall. I’m a tall chick…I’ve been down the short route and don’t plan on going back. 
Biggest turn-off: Vanity.
Biggest turn-on: A guy with a sense of humor, who has his shit together, who can hold a conversation.

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It’s crunch time. #Sunday is for productivity.  (at Shoemaker’s Loft)

It’s crunch time. #Sunday is for productivity. (at Shoemaker’s Loft)